The Inside Comparison Method of Mold Testing

mold testing

The inside comparisonĀ Mold Testing method is proper if your entire home is dirty. If you notice elevated mold spores in a specific area of the home, you must determine which part of the house needs remediation. Similarly, remediation contractors might have difficulty passing a clearance test if the rest of the home has been contaminated as well. That is why it is important to conduct mold testing before any work starts. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the inside comparison method of mold testing.

To begin the process, the mold inspector will do a visual inspection of the entire home. This means inspecting every corner, ceiling, and floor, as well as hidden places like the HVAC system and surrounding landscape. He will also use tools such as a moisture meter and a thermal imaging device to determine the presence of mold. After finding evidence of mold, the inspector will determine the remediation options and advise you on how to prevent it from returning.

The benefits of mold testing are many. A professional mold inspector will take a sample to a laboratory to test for mold. Afterwards, the inspector will explain to the customer the findings, where the mold is coming from, and how to get rid of it. Mold testing is important because it must lead to remediation. However, it should be performed after a thorough visual inspection has identified the source of the problem. This way, you can make the best decisions for the remediation process.

Typically, mold inspectors will collect samples from air and surface areas. Samples taken by these methods must be sent to certified laboratories for further testing. You can also use private labs to get a mold test result. The cost of private labs is usually included in the price of the mold testing kit. Moisture meters are instruments that measure moisture in structural components. They are available in invasive and non-invasive models. A humidity gauge measures the humidity level in a room.

Professional mold inspectors will typically take samples from three areas of your home and send them to a third-party laboratory to identify the kinds and concentrations of mold. Home mold testing is easy, cost-effective, and faster than a professional’s inspection. A professional mold inspector will use the right tools and techniques for air and lift sampling. This will ensure that the mold samples are accurate and reliable. There are many benefits of hiring a mold inspector if you suspect mold in your home.